"Apparently there is nothing that can't be done today,"

- Mark Twain

Farheen B. Khan is a British, Dubai-based Writer. Described as a talker, reader, laugher and hoarder of shiny things, she has published articles for Business, Travel and Lifestyle magazines.

She recently finished her debut novel Inside Out, a psychological thriller following the story of a widower who is stalked online. Her novel is currently being reviewed by publishers.

Farheen writes short stories, plays, articles, blogs and is currently working on her second novel. She is a fan of book clubs, running marathons, hot yoga, discovering new foods and Harry Potter.

Farheen is represented by her agents Bill Goodhall and Annette Crossland from UK based literary agency A for Authors.


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Car Park Drama

July 28, 2016

FBK: Someone’s parked in my car parking spaces. Security: Did you park there? FBK: No, two maintenance vehicles. Can you get them to move please? Security: Where is your car?


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